Feeling like Ross Geller Again

Remember when I said my 2017 New Year’s Resolution was “No surgeries in 2017” – and then I had to have surgery?

Well, I was wiser this year.  I did *not* make a resolution of no surgeries in 2018, which is good, ’cause here I go again.

I met with my orthopedic surgeon yesterday and told him that my wrist is hurting again.  He took x-rays and informed me that the stainless steel screw in my wrist appears to have shifted a little bit, and also appears to be loose and moving around a little bit.

You can imagine the fun Spousal Unit is having with my diagnosis of a “loose screw.”

The surgeon wants to go back in and remove the screw, now that the wrist is stable and the tendons have had time to repair.  He wanted to do the surgery a few weeks from now, but I negotiated for a couple additional weeks – not because I like the discomfort, but because I’m still trying to finish grad school.  And also because I will need time for the authorization from Tricare to come through, which is apparently a hassle right now due to the contract changeover to a new contractor.

So why did I say I feel like Ross Geller?  Well, that’s Spousal Unit’s fault.  When I made the resolution to have no surgeries in 2017, and then needed surgery, Spousal Unit reminded me of the Friends episode in which Ross resolves “No divorces in ’99!” (See below):

So here I am.  Headed for surgery again.  Wondering if I should tempt fate by saying “Just the one surgery in 2018.”

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