Stay Tuned (We’re Going to Learn about Immunology)

I am scheduled to meet with an allergy and immunology specialist at a leading institution in one week (26 May).

Ever since the pre-op allergic reaction, I have been having continuing and strong allergic and allergic-type reactions.*  The distinction between the two (as I understand it) is that an allergic reaction occurs when your body produces Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to a substance.  These IgE antibodies trigger a reactive response to the substance, the symptoms of which we recognize as allergic symptoms.  An “allergic-type” reaction occurs when your body does not produce IgE antibodies to a substance, but your body reacts to the substance with the same type of symptoms (hives, trouble breathing, GI reactions, etc.).

So far, my allergy testing has revealed actual allergies to only two types of common mold and one type of food.  (Oh, and the obvious allergy to Chlorhexidine, which was real-world tested!)  But I am reacting to many foods, most things that contact my skin (plants, shampoo, bandages, etc.), and things I inhale – especially fragrances.  I frequently have to leave doctors’ waiting rooms and wait outside because I am reacting to a fragrance that someone is wearing.

I’ve had 2 allergists (and 2 dermatologists) shrug and say they don’t know what is wrong with me.  So now I’m going to see a more “expert” specialist, and see if s/he can figure it out.

*To be more accurate, I have been having reactions to mold for over 15 years – I just didn’t know they were allergic reactions.  When I mentioned my symptoms to doctors, they dismissed them, because the symptoms were not consistent with my primary diagnosis: Chronic Migraine.  Since the surgery, I have been having strong skin reactions as well, which are new for me.

Stay tuned, as I (hopefully) learn why my body is hypersensitive, and what I can do about it.

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