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Hey, this is just a quick post to say:

I’m still here.

This is the last weekend before my next round of Botox shots, and I feel like absolute rubbish.  There is a new post on the way, but it’s not gonna happen until the Botox takes effect and I get my brain back.  Sorry.

[Of course, I am assuming that anyone is reading this blog…  Since I don’t get much feedback, it’s hard to know whether anyone is reading it.]

In other news, the elbow surgery appears to have gone well, and the surgeon didn’t lie when he said this recovery would be much easier than the recovery from wrist surgery was.  It has been 4 weeks since my elbow surgery, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how non-eventful this surgery has been.

My arm was only immobilized for 2 days after elbow surgery, as opposed to 6 weeks after wrist surgery.  I was permitted to drive as soon as I had no narcotics in my system, whereas with the wrist surgery I couldn’t drive for 8 weeks.  Taking a shower was no big deal.  And I didn’t even have to shower with a limb in a garbage bag this time.

I am very grateful that this surgery has been so much easier to recover from.  It also seems to have relieved the elbow pain that I have had for the past 3 years.  There may still be a slight catch in the range of motion, but we’ll see what happens – maybe occupational therapy will take care of that.

So, if anyone is reading, the elbow surgery went very well, but migraines are currently kicking my butt.  And I hope to have new content up in a week or so.

Here’s to good health,

Crew Dog


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  1. Thanks, Doug. If only…

    The VA nurse practitioner who administers my Botox shots tells me that Medicare is considering allowing a shorter interval between shots for those patients like me who need it. If they change their guidelines, then the VA will be able to shorten their interval too. I am praying that happens, and soon. Can you imagine telling a diabetes patient that their medication is going to wear off, and they need to go without for 3-4 weeks out of every quarter??? And yet, that’s what happens to Migraine patients on Botox.

    Thanks for being a loyal supporter of this blog – your encouragement and advice is greatly appreciated!

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